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How To Use Zoom for Video Calls on your PC and Mobile
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Zoom Video Conferencing application is one of the best ones out there for being simple, smooth sound/video and Cross-platform (can work on PC and Mobile devices).

Lately people have criticized Zoom for allowing zoom bombing (security issues). The company has taken the required steps and achieved to make it more secure than ever.

Today we will learn how to use zoom with the settings you need to configure it in order to have a secure meeting with your friends, co-workers and why not for education purposes.

The key information here is to ensure you configure your meeting with the right parameters in order to avoid unauthorized people to hijack your environment. We have prepared 2 sets of videos: !) How to use zoom on your Mobile device and 2) How to use zoom on your personal computer. The choice is yours. Happy Zooming!

Video 1: How to use Zoom on Mobile (Configure a meeting) 

Video 2: How to use Zoom on Mobile (Start a meeting) 

Video 3: How to use Zoom on your PC 

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