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How to play your favorite songs on Echo Dot 3 available at Amazon
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I use my smart speaker Echo Dot 3 to do many things such as music, news, calendar, emails, chat, alarm, timer, reminder, encyclopedia, etc… However there are many limitations when it comes to music if you are not on a plan like music unlimited. Moreover, you are disrupted with ads while listening to your music. Ads are no issue as the frequency is acceptable. Other restrictions are you are not allowed to create playlists or ask for a specific song.

In this article I will show you how to play your favorite songs without a plan.


There are two ways to do this, the first one is to subscribe to amazon music unlimited and stay for, let’s say 1 or 2 months. Why you need to do that is because you will have access to unlimited songs and break all the restrictions related to music mentioned above. Then you take advantage of this freedom to ask for all your favorite songs. Here is the trick: whenever you listen to a song you think is worth your time, say to Alexa “I like this song”, automatically Alexa will create a special playlist for you. Whether you are on a plan or not you will always be able to play this song from the playlist Alexa created for you. To play this special list say to Alexa: “Play my favorite songs”.

The second way does not require you to be on an amazon music unlimited plan. What you do is ask Alexa to play your Artist, for example by saying: “Alexa, play music from [your Artist]”, Alexa will ask you to subscribe to a plan but will find a station where this artist sings that song eventually. But you will have to listen to that station until you hear your favorite song. When you finally get it then you say: “Alexa, i like this song” so that she can add it to the special playlist mentioned above. To play this special list say to Alexa: “Play my favorite songs”.

I hope this trick helps you and you will enjoy your favorite songs using either one of the ways explained in this tutorial. If you find this useful please share it with your friends who use this smart speaker. 

Don’t forget to check my author page on amazon (click here) where you can find other useful resources about how to get the most from your smart speaker Echo Dot 3.

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