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Update Alexa skill Learn EDOT3 unofficial: Setup Emails
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Tired of scanning your emails yourself at home? How about asking Alexa to read your emails from the comfort of your couch or bed.?

We have updated the Skill to teach you how to configure your emails on your Echo Dot 3rd Generation (Available at Amazon).

The people who enable the skill will automatically have access to the free content. The free content covers topics such as Setting up Routines, Calendar and Emails and a Teaser of how the News will be presented every week for premium users. Those who upgrade to the premium plan (in available countries) will have access to not only the free content but additionally they will have "how to" on a "must have" List of voice Commands, Calls (Native or Skype), Manage Security and Privacy, News (Updated weekly) and how to Access a Conference Bridge.  

To enable the Skill go to your Alexa App on your mobile and navigate to Settings > Skills. From there you can type the name of the skill "Learn EDOT3 unofficial" indicated. You also have the option of opening this web address alexa.amazon.com and navigate the menu, search for the name of the skill and enable it.

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