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EBit Amazon Echo Dot 3 Step by step Guide for Beginners

By Rodrigue Osirus. This ebook is also available at all major Bookstores (Amazon, Google, iTunes, Kobo, Scribd, etc).

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As a beginner, you need baby steps to accomplish your goals. This guide not only provides you with the steps you need to know but it also shows you screenshots in order to see exactly what you need to do. From unboxing your smart speaker, setting up the Wifi connection, saying important voice commands, automating tasks, setting up your calendar and finally tips on how to control your security and privacy. The value of this book is found in the way the information is explained which is based on real experience of the author with the device. Moreover, the author created an alexa skill (read here) for this book where you have regular updates on new tips and tricks.

This book will surely save you a lot of time you would spend on either searching the right information online or trying to figure it our yourself. It is written by a user and lover of this great device from which you will have the opportunity to experience the benefits of Artificial Intelligence that is today a concept that many people have little knowledge about.

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