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WWDC 2019 Swag Includes Reversible Jacket, Magnetic Pins, and Special T-Shirt for Scholarship Winners
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WWDC 2019 officially kicks off tomorrow, but as usual, the check-in process began today. Developers have started to pick up their badges and WWDC swag, which this year includes a reversible jacket, an assortment of Apple-themed magnetic pins, a special t-shirt for scholarship winners, and more. 

Here's a photo of the check-in area via WWDC 2019 scholar Zach Knox: 

WhatsApp ads coming in 2020: Here’s how they will look
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(GULFNEWS.COM) — One of the things that attract people to WhatsApp is that they can chat with friends and family for as long as they want without any interruption.

Unlike in YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, subscribers of the popular messaging tool don’t see any ads getting in the way of their conversations or newsfeeds, and what’s more, the tool is completely free.

You can now buy refurbished, Google-free Android flagships
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Google’s Android platform is far and away the most popular mobile operating system around, also serving as a one-stop shop for the company’s various services.

What if you want a smartphone experience without your data being captured by Google though? Sure, you can probably wait for Huawei’s upcoming phones, but there’s also /e/ OS

Twitter gives Retweets an upgrade
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The feature is live today on iOS, Android and Twitter’s mobile website. Though a seemingly minor upgrade, the addition is notable because of its potential to significantly impact the amount of media that’s shared to Twitter.

Today, retweeting with a comment is a common user behavior — so opening up the Retweet to support media will likely lead to a sizable increase of the amount of non-text content you see on your Twitter timeline when you scroll through.

Huawei ban: US government relaxes plans to ban Huawei in the States – but only until August
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After the Chinese firm was added to a list of entities that require a licence to trade with American companies, the US Commerce Department has relaxed these restrictions.

It has given Huawei a temporary licence to allow the company to purchase US goods as long as they are used to maintain existing networks and provide software updates. 

This is likely in response to Google being ordered to cease trading with Huawei, which would have meant pulling Android and Google services from its handsets. The turnaround is believed to have been put in place to minimise disruption to customers with Huawei devices, yet it will be shortlived. The temporary licence expires on 19 August. 

Huawei overtakes iPhone, Samsung is next
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For some it is not necessary, namely Huawei. The controversial Chinese manufacturer has managed to grow their business among others struggling and the entire market posting -6.6% growth. 

Apple has fallen very sharply, according to IDC's newest report. In fact it is leading in negative year-over-year change with -30%. Huawei has now passed the American giant by a huge margin by increasing the volume YoY just over 50%. That is insane in this market.