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You Can Now Apply to McDonalds With an Amazon Alexa Device
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Finding a job can sometimes be a challenge and while there are various factors that come into play regarding gaining employment, one thing that is almost always a constant is that you have to get out there and put in some applications. Depending on what kind of work you're going out far, applying for a job can mean filling out an application in person or online, but for people looking to get a job at McDonald's, there's a new way to try to get a job: by talking to your smart device. The Chicago-based fast food chain recently announced the McDonald's Apply Thru, available on Amazon's Alexa and the Google Assistant.

According to McDonald's the application is the world's first voice-initiated application process. It's part of the company's larger global hiring campaign seeking to drive applications worldwide.

"We must continue to innovate and think of creative, and in this case, groundbreaking ways to meet potential job seekers on devices they are already using, like Alexa," McDonald's Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer David Fairhurst said in the statement. "Alexa has many of the qualities we look for on our teams -- friendly, responsive, and fun. I am looking forward to having our application process simplified with Alexa."

The process of applying at McDonald's via Alexa is pretty straightforward. The applicant simply has to say "Alexa, help me get a job at McDonald's." The Google Assistant process is also fairly straightforward with applicants having to say, "Ok Google, talk to McDonald's Apply Thru." McDonald's says that as Apply Thru is further developed for the Google Assistant, it too will work with a simple, "Ok Google, help me get a job at McDonald's." Once applicants get into Apply Thru, they simply need to answer a few questions. However, it doesn't appear that Apply Thru is a complete application process. Once the user has given their information, they soon receive a text with a link to continue the process. The Apply Thru process just makes getting started easier.

"Alexa makes life easier, and we're thrilled to see McDonald's utilize voice to create a simpler, more convenient job application process for customers, Steve Rabuchin, Vice President, Alexa said. "With Apply Thru, the customers can start the process for a job at their nearest McDonald's restaurant -- all they need to do is ask.

McDonald's Apply Thru is available on both Alex and Google Assistant devices in the U.S., Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and the U.K, currently with more countries expected in the near future.

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