Google, Alexa And Siri Warning: Nasty New Scam Calls
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Another security issue has hit leading voice assistants—and this time it isn't manufacturers recording our conversations. A new scam has been exposed, where fraudsters are hiding behind convenient auto-dial features to lure unsuspecting users into a trap. The fraudsters have realized that people search for businesses and then call them, all without viewing the online entry for the business itself. And that has opened up a major risk that those businesses are not what they might seem.

Huawei’s long-awaited mobile OS elicits mixed reactions in China
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“Talk is cheap. Show me the code.”

That quip, one of the well-known aphorisms attributable to Linux creator Linus Torvalds, was posted in recent days by a user of the popular Chinese question-and-answer website Zhihu in response to the unveiling of Huawei’s homegrown mobile operating system Hongmeng (or HarmonyOS, as it will be known outside the country). That user seemed to be specifically referring to Huawei’s assurance at its developer conference from over the weekend that the new OS would be open-source, though details about when the code for it will be made public are still forthcoming.

Discover this Face-aging app that’s taking social media by storm
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If you’ve opened any of your social media accounts over the past several days, you’ve no doubt seen a procession of old, wrinkled yet slightly familiar-looking faces taking over your feed.

These kinds of apps or visual tricks often seem to explode in popularity all at once. Microsoft had an app that was hot for a minute which tried to guess how old you are based on an image of your face. Snapchat’s baby face lens likewise exploded in popularity recently, fueled by shares of people looking like infant versions of themselves. And now the latest is FaceApp, an app that takes a photo of you and enhances your face to make it look like you’re in the twilight of your life.

Google Maps released a new feature: Real-time bikesharing info
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Google on Tuesday unveiled an absolutely cool new Google Maps feature that will immediately appeal to users who rely on bikesharing services to get around town. Thanks to a new partnership with Ito World, the new Google Maps functionality will let you quickly discover bikesharing stations around you complete with detailed information. You’ll see how many bikes are available for rental, and whether there are any spots open at your destination to drop off your bike. And it’s all happening in real-time.

This Website uses AI to turn your selfies into impressive portraits
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Have you ever wanted to transform your face into an artistic, museum-worthy portrait?

A new artificial intelligence developed by researchers at the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab have built a fun widget that allows you to transform yourself into a classical portrait.

At, you can upload a selfie and wait while the algorithm – which was trained on 45,000 portrait images to create a fake watercolor, oil or ink portrait – does its work.

IBM patented a goofy-looking watch that folds into a tablet
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IBM just patented an extremely goofy-looking take on the smartwatch: its touch-screen display unfolds to form a full-sized tablet while strapped to your wrist.

The device, which is described as “an electronic display device configured for variable display size” according to last month’s patent, takes foldable devices to a whole new level with its 8x increase in size from watch mode to tablet mode. However, per Tom’s Guide, there’s no mention of how the repeatedly-folding touchscreen is supposed to work without cracking or peeling like all those smartphones did.