Part 3 - Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Detailed Guide for Beginners
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Welcome back !

In Part 2 of this detailed guide we have shared everything you need to have your Echo Dot working perfectly. We have left a “Vocabulary” list of commands  to communicate with Alexa.

Let me tell you that everyday Alexa surprises me. To get my point, try asking Alexa this: “If i am born on February 10th 1981, how old am i today?” - That is just to show you how smart Alexa has become with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI). We will cover Skills for Alexa someday but today we will look at some routine tasks you can configure to get Alexa do much of the work more efficiently.

Before i dive into how you can configure a routine. Let us understand what it is first. A routine is a sequence of Actions Alexa will do in an organized way by just saying only one command.

I’ll give you an example. In my case, every morning before i go to the office, i normally do the following:

  1. Get the weather forecast
  2. Listen to the morning news
  3. Listen to one of my favorite music playlists

There are two ways i could have Alexa accomplish that. One is to issue three voice commands (one by one) and the other is by configuring a routine on the Alexa App. Let us do the latter. Open your Alexa App and follow these steps as per the images below:

  1. Click on the top left menu and choose Settings from the list
  2. Now locate the add new routine button on your right side
  3. Choose when you want the routine to be executed. Choose when you say something to Alexa (I wrote, "ready for work", You can change that later once you master the logic of this.
  4. Now add the first action, choose "Weather"
  5. Add another Action, choose "News"
  6. Add the third action, choose "Music" if you do not have a playlist setup
  7. You can change the order of the actions by holding one and dragging it as you wish.
  8. If you are happy with the way it is configured, just save it and happy trying your routine! .

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd. Gen - Setup Guide) Amazon Echo Dot (3rd. Gen - Setup Guide) Amazon Echo Dot (3rd. Gen - Setup Guide) Amazon Echo Dot (3rd. Gen - Setup Guide) Amazon Echo Dot (3rd. Gen - Setup Guide) Amazon Echo Dot (3rd. Gen - Setup Guide)

That is it for the third part of this detailed guide. If I have missed anything please leave us a comment or question below and we’ll be glad to hear from you as we want you to participate in making this detailed guide as helpful as possible. See you next week for Part 4: How to configure a Calendar on Amazon Echo Dot in order to have Alexa manage your Meetings schedule professionally.

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