Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Detailed Guide for Beginners - Part 2
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Welcome to the second part of this detailed guide for beginners on Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen.)

We assume by now you have already completed the first part and you are ready to start the installation of de device in order to start speaking with Alexa.

Follow these steps to start the configuration:

1)  Make sure the device is ready, to do so, disconnect the power cable from the device and put it back in. Wait for the blue ring light to spin for about 40 seconds until Alexa says “Hello” (a very nice female voice), that means the device is ready for configuration.

2) Open the Alexa App as indicated and look for the rightmost icon on the App screen, it will allow you to add a new device. Click on it and Follow the instructions as per the images below. This is the key information requested at that stage: Connect to the device via the builtin WiFi network called “amazonxxxx” and after that the App will prompt you to Add you Internet WiFi the one we talked about in Part 1. That is basically the WiFi Alexa will use to communicate with you.

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd. Gen - Setup Guide) Amazon Echo Dot (3rd. Gen - Setup Guide) Amazon Echo Dot (3rd. Gen - Setup Guide) Amazon Echo Dot (3rd. Gen - Setup Guide) Amazon Echo Dot (3rd. Gen - Setup Guide) Amazon Echo Dot (3rd. Gen - Setup Guide) Amazon Echo Dot (3rd. Gen - Setup Guide) Amazon Echo Dot (3rd. Gen - Setup Guide)

3) If you have successfully completed the previous steps you can now set your own information in Alexa, such as the name of the device, your location, weather forecast in Fahrenheit or Celcius. Very important to ensure your timezone is correctly configured so that you are well synced with Alexa responses to your questions.

Here is a list of commands you can start learning and once you master them we will move on to the next part of this detailed guide where you can learn how to setup routines on your Echo Dot.

Get to Know Alexa

 Ask Alexa...

"How are you?"

"Why are you called Alexa?"

"Do you prefer cats or dogs?"

 Ask about Alexa's favorites 

"What's your favorite color?"

"Who is your favorite actor?"

"What's your favorite sci-fi movie?"

Useful Phrases

 Ask Alexa...

"Turn up the volume"

"What time is it?"

"What's up?"

"What can I say?"

Questions & Answers

"Alexa, why is the sky blue?"

Ask about science, math, and geography

 Ask Alexa...

"What are Newton's three laws of motion?"

"What is 100 divided by 16?"

"Who is the Prime Minister of Denmark?"


 Ask Alexa...

"How do you say 'I love you' in French?"

"How do you say 'good morning' in Japanese?"

"How do you say 'thank you' in Italian?"


"Alexa, tell me a joke"

Knock, knock. Alexa knows lots of jokes

Fun with Alexa

"Alexa, sing a song"

Alexa has many ways to keep you entertained

 Ask Alexa...

"Sing a country song"

"Tell me a limerick"

"Beatbox for me"

"Flip a coin"

"Tell me a story"


"Alexa, what's the weather?"

Ask about local, national, and international weather

 Ask Alexa...

"Will it rain tomorrow?"

"How's the weather in Seattle this weekend?"

"What's the temperature in Austin?"

Flash Briefing

"Alexa, play my flash briefing"

Listen to news and content from popular broadcasters

To-do Lists

"Alexa, add 'feed pets' to my to-do list"

Shopping Lists

"Alexa, add milk to my shopping list"


"Alexa, set a reminder"

Alexa can help remind you about things


"Alexa, set an egg timer for 3 minutes"

Set timers and also give your timers names


"Alexa, set an alarm for 6:00am"

Alexa can wake you up and also let you snooze

 Ask Alexa...

"Wake me up in the morning"

"Set a weekday alarm at 7:00am"

"What alarms are set?"

"Snooze..." (enjoy 9 more minutes of Zzz...)


Listen to Music

"Alexa, play music"

Hands-free voice control for all your favorite music

Control the music

"Turn up the volume"

"Rewind 15 seconds"

"Repeat this song"

"Stop the music"


Play by decade

"Play music from the 90s"

"Play music from the 60s"


Play by genre

"Play country music"

"Play rock music"

That is it for the second part of this detailed guide. If I have missed anything please leave us a comment below and we’ll be glad to hear from you as we want you to participate in making this detailed guide as helpful as possible. See you next week for Part 3: How to setup Routine tasks on Amazon Echo Dot

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