How to Create or Build Business Websites with Joomla! 3
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The Coronavirus pandemic has fast forwarded everyone to look for new ways to do things. So many people have left out unemployed and all businesses that relied on offline practices are oblliged to close. Now, like never before, is the time to look for new and effective exits to survive.

Our team here have decided to prepare a unique Online Course that will teach everyone who wishes to learn how to build a Website for business or pleasure can register to. Read on to watch the presentation of the online course: How to Create or Build Business Websites with Joomla! 3

5 tips to CREATE effective email subject lines
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Emails have been around now for a very long time. Yet, few people know exactly how to create an effective email message. We use emails to apply for a job, pitch our new product or service to a client, communicate for our company or government, stay in touch with some friends and families.

Now you may wonder why I focus on emails when nowadays people use more Whatsapp or Facebook or a calls to communicate. My answer to you is the following: there is a very thick  line between official communications and unofficial communications. Email is replacing officially the post office of old days. We know perfectly that any communication that comes to our P.O. BOx means a lot us. So, social or instant communication is good but always remember that emails stay and will always stay the most reliable as official communication between a sender and a receiver.

Having said so, I will share with you 5 tips to Create effective email subject lines that will entice people to open your emails and have your message received effectively.

Echo Dot 3 and Beginners Ebook Sales Promo (Dot3 Combo)
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We are excited to launch this exclusive Sales Promo (Dot3 Combo) on the Amazon Echo Dot 3. You just need to Buy an Amazon Echo Dot 3 device from this Amazon Link and you will get (For Free !, yes you heard it, FREE ! - You save $4 US) a must have Kindle Book to make your journey with Alexa fun while making your life professionally and personally EASY !!!!. Keep reading to learn how to get this promotion.


Get the eBook here with PayPal at $US 1.99  - 50% OFF

New Alexa Skill and eBook for beginners of Echo Dot 3 available at Amazon
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I was honored in 2011 to present a speech in Porto-Rico during a Toastmasters District 81 Conference. In that speech I had talked about the museum of life where everyone has the possibility to leave a legacy. I invite you to read the article in full to get some valuable information that will help you understand  the future of technologies.

Last week, it was such another honor for Technopro to publish on all major eBook stores the New eBook entitled “Step-by-step guide for Beginners of Echo Dot 3 available at Amazon”. ... With those products, we add new legacies to that museum

RemMe, a Whatsapp Reminder to help you remember your events
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According to the company Statista (An authority in Data Analysis), Whatsapp has half a billion active users DAILY.
We, at Technopro, care a lot about bringing values to our customers. If Whatsapp could have built such a huge base of loyal customers it is because they do bring a substantial amount of values. That is why we have partnered with them through our messaging gateway.

In that quest for a way to stay aligned with the behaviour of all whatsapp users, we have created the new product called RemMe (Stands for Remind Me). The idea behind it is simple: Help people remember important appointments such as a Job Interview for example (be it professional or personal). RemMe has a long way to go but for a first version (V 1.0) it does remind you at least 1 day before the target date.

4 TOP TIPS using Google Trends to create relevant content
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Sometimes it becomes stressful to find what is relevant to our audience. In my case for example i would think some content is relevant until I get the results from the content performance statistics that prove me wrong.

What if you had a way to know what is relevant to your audience and more importantly when such topics have “frequency” in their relevance. Today I share with you a video with 4 tips using Google Trends, a tool that helps all content marketing publishers/creators to have a certain strategy put in place.

Let your Amazon Echo call and text your friends instead
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Put down the phone and start making your Echo do the work. If you're not routinely using Alexa to makes calls, texts and broadcasts for you, you're working too hard. Instead, use your Amazon Echo ($100 at Amazon) to do the announcing for you. Alexa can make phone callssend text messages, drop-in on someone's Alexa device and make announcements across all of your devices.